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Margaret Cheatham is a director. producer, cinematographer, and editor - working across a variety of mediums, including audio, photography and video.

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Trailer Edit by Emily Rhyne

In the first season of our New York Times video series, Conception, we chronicled what it’s like to become a mother. We told six intimate stories about women with experiences ranging from postpartum depression to having a desire to be a mother, so strong, that you reconsider your gender identity.

In Season 2, we dive into your stories about parenting.

For this New York Times series, Margaret Cheatham developed the original idea, crafted the call out, sought and selected characters, conducted interviews, edited audio, hired illustrators, animators, composer and sound designer, and supervised the illustration process through completion.



Imagine you’re an Olympic athlete. You’ve trained for years, your entire life perhaps, to reach this point, the pinnacle of your athletic career. Close your eyes - Imagine the sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, and even smells of the experience. The gun’s about to go off, the beep is about to sound. Your nerves are through the roof, how do you quiet your mind?

For this six-part series for the New York Times, Margaret Cheatham helped to ideate and develop the concept, produced and conducted athlete interviews, sought animators, co-edited the scripts and supervised the audio and animation production processes through publication.



Andrew gave his mother, Regina Hensley, a reason to live. We follow the pair as she fights a history of addiction and he fights an aggressive form of cancer.

Margaret Cheatham was the editor for this short New York Times documentary by director, producer and cinematographer Leslye Davis.

The Night Fox News and Trump Became One

Margaret Cheatham produced the studio shoot and edited this short New York Times Magazine documentary.